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The Seychelles under the trade winds on Le Ponant

Le Ponant Primary Exterior

Aboard its emblematic yacht, PONANT is reshaping the contours of expedition cruising and invites you to experience a new way of discovering the wonderful Seychelles, between granite rocks and coral islets. Like a soft murmur at the heart of the Indian Ocean, in the ear of the insatiable traveller the wind hums a captivating melody blending African, European and Indian influences. Offering you unique and iconic ports of call and intimate moments, Le Ponant takes you to dreamy, wild and idyllic gems where the unexpected brings a delicious sense of freedom.

As the wind catches the sails, Mahé fades into the distance, and with it its colourful houses. The gentle way of life invites itself on board and with each port of call the islands of the Seychelles are revealed. Volcanoes buried in the abysses or fragments detached from the continent, each one in turn presents stunning panoramas.

The Amirante Islands reveal themselves, from the African Banks and their exceptional underwater scenery to the islands of Poivre and Bijoutier and their stunning coral atolls. Marvel at the purity of their crystal-clear lagoons lined with fine sand. Under the trade winds, sail to the small, uninhabited Thérèse Island and, like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, experience the exhilaration of first times.

Continue your journey by setting a course for the Inner Islands. Granite rocks reflecting pink and golden hues punctuate the white-sand beaches and their celadon shores with their rounded edges. On Curieuse Island, the fascinating and ancient Aldabra giant tortoises move nonchalantly and slowly through the landscape. The abundant flora of Aride is home to lizards, sea turtles, and the largest seabird reserve in the Seychelles.

On Praslin, while the gentle backwash invites you to take a quiet pause on Grande Sœur beach, you dive right in to the island’s tropical rainforest, a UNESCO-listed nature reserve. Let the gentle pace of La Digue soothe you. The sound of birdsong and the delicate scent of tropical flowers add the finishing touches to this enchanting scene.

From one island to the next, these idyllic landscapes invite you to be at one with the elements. Far from the frenzy of the world, take the time to get back in tune with your senses: melt into the ocean during a scuba dive or introduction to free-diving, draw in the energy that surrounds you during a yoga session at sunrise or sunset, and experience mindfulness during a meditation. At your own pace, discover these unspoiled paradises while paddle-boardingglass-bottom kayaking, or snorkelling. Lost in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles blend their contrasts to perfection: a tropical paradise nestling in a wild and unspoiled natural environment. These biodiversity reserves offer precious moments of exploration and infinite spaces in which to dream.

*The experiences and activities on offer will be confirmed on board by the captain according to the weather conditions, the itinerary and the cruise plan.

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About Le Ponant
About Ponant
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PONANT is the World Leader in Luxury Expeditions with ultra-modern, intimate ships, offering attentive service and well-designed itineraries that touch all corners of the globe. Every cruise is a blend of adventure, exploration, and discovery—all experienced in luxurious comfort, even in the heart of extreme landscapes.

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Day Port Arrive Depart
1 Victoria, Mahé 6:00 PM
2 African Banks
3 Bijoutier Island
4 Poivre Island
5 Thérèse Island
6 Curieuse Island
7 Aride Island
7 Grande S?ur
8 Praslin Island
9 La Digue Island
10 Victoria, Mahé 7:00 AM
Prices are per-person based on double occupancy, unless otherwise noted.